Sustainable production

Sustainable fashion

Mother Earth deserves all the care we can give, with every step we take. That is why I am taking steps to ensure that we are all part of this movement, you as a customer and me as a designer.

I only produce items when I get an order, to avoid wasting textiles through overproduction. My partner's state-of-the-art printing technology creates almost no waste water and uses less energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint. The ink used for printing is water-based and free from harmful chemicals. Any remaining ink is disposed of according to the ink supplier's guidelines.

Production times

Because each product is made on demand, this means that once you have placed your order, I will work to get it to you. It takes time to make and ship your beautiful product with love and care. By making each order on-demand, we can all help to avoid over-production. This is how we become part of the sustainable fashion movement. Please note that buying from this shop may not offer next day delivery. It will take a little longer than that, in the hope that you agree with this win-win situation.

Washing instructions and maintenance

This fabric keeps its shape perfectly and is very easy to maintain. Ironing is not necessary, not even recommended. Wash the garment inside out with a mild wool programme. Hang to dry after washing (definitely do not use a tumble dryer).

Be careful with rough surfaces, sharp objects and Velcro,
as these can pull the white fibres out of the fabric and damage the appearance of the clothing. Should this happen, it is advisable to colour the loop with an appropriate colour pen. I have experience with this thanks to our cat Lucky ( ;

Characteristics Fabrics

For Yoga leggings, shorts, tops, rashguards/long sleeves the following fabric composition applies: 82% polyester/18% spandex.

- Fabric weight: 224 g/m²

- Printed, cut and hand-sewn.

- Material has a 4-way stretch, which means that the fabric stretches and recovers at both crotch and length.

- Made with a smooth, comfortable microfibre yarn.

- Elastic waistband that fits snugly to your body.

- Please check the enclosed size chart for the appropriate size before ordering.